This workbook contains worksheets on Comparison of Objects with respect to their shapes & sizes for Kindergarten. There are total 28 worksheets.
Questions are accompanied by attractive images.
By the end of these worksheets students will be able to –
1. Compare between objectives in various aspects.
2. Compare two quantities and identify which is more and which is less or few.
3. Sort by type.
4. Sort by size.
5. Sort and resort sets.
6. Sort by category.
7. Use logical reasoning.
8. Use critical thinking.
9. Develop a sorting rule.
10. Create their own sequential pattern.
11. Explore Probability.
12. Order: before & after.
13. Order: first, next, last.
14. Identify positions.
15. Recognition of different colours.
16. Understand the difference between-
       • Big – small  • Same – different  • Few – more  • Heavy – light
Thin – fat  • Greater – smaller
Maths worksheets on Comparison for kids