Number & Counting-Workbook-1

This workbook contains worksheets on Counting beyond 20 for Kindergarten. There are total 11 worksheets.
Questions are accompanied by attractive images.
By the end of this set of worksheets students will be able to –
1. Recognize groups.
2. Identify numbers.
3. Write numerals.
4. Enhance concept of number sense.
5. Use problem solving strategies.
6. Spell number names.
7. Improve the concept of the words forward & backward.
8. Identify images.
9. Draw & colour images.
10. Enhance writing skills.
11. Improve analytical approach.
12. Sort by type.
13. Identify sequence.
14. Understand the basic concept of place value.
15. Improve the way of attempting different sorts of questions.
16. Represent the number & order of objects.
Counting worksheet beyond 20 for Kindergarten