Control and coordination Worksheet-28

Control and coordination Worksheet-28


Subjective questions:

  1. Which hormone inhibits or retards plant growth?


  1. Name the hormone which regulates concentration of calcium and phosphorus in the blood? Which endocrine gland secretes it?


  1. Deficiency of which hormone from early age causes dwarfism in man ?


  1. How do plants coordinate their activities and movements? What is the term used for such type of coordination?


  1. What are tropic movements?


  1. Bending of roots of plants towards water signifies which type of movement?


  1. Name the hormones which regulate blood sugar level. Also give the name of the gland which secretes these hormones.


  1. Deficiency of which hormone results in diabetes insipidus?


  1. Which endocrine glands are commonly termed as -glands of emergency'? Where are these located?


  1. Name the gland which consists of both exocrine and endocrine tissue. Where is it located?


  1. Name the endocrine gland which secretes neurohormones.


  1. Name the hormone which requires iodine for its synthesis. '


  1. Name the endocrine gland which is prominent in the young child but gradually atrophies in the ‘adult.


  1. Name the endocrine glands commonly named as glands of emergency.


  1. Deficiency of which hormone causes diabetes mellitus?


  1. Deficiency of which hormone causes dwarfism?


  1. Over secretion of which hormones causes exophthalmia goiter?


  1. Deficiency of which hormone causes diabetes insipidus?


  1. What do you mean by tropisms? Explain directional movement due to growth of tendril in pea plant in response to touch.


  1. Mention one function each of following:

(a) Glucagon     (b) Relaxin        (c) Estrogen

(d) Thymosin    (e) Calcitonin    (f) Vasopressin


  1. Which hormone is responsible for the changes noticed in females at puberty?

(b) Dwarfism results due to deficiency of which hormone?

(c) Blood sugar level rises due to dificiency of which hormone?


  1. Name the endocrine gland which has islets of Langerhans. Name its hormonal secretions.


  1. Which part of the brain maintains posture and equilibrium of the body?


  1. Give an example of a plant hormone that promotes growth.


  1. How does chemical coordination take place in animals?


  1. What is tropism?


  1. Define phototropism.


  1. Name the plant which shows seismonastic movements.


  1. Name the secretion of endocrine glands.


  1. Name the fluid that is present in spaces between the meninges that protect the brain.