Control and coordination Worksheet-24

Control and coordination Worksheet-24


Subjective questions:

  1. Write a note on the chemical nature of hormones.


  1. "There is a close coordination between nerves and hormones". Explain with an example.


  1. What is the location of parathyroid gland? Name one important hormone of parathyroid gland.


  1. What is thymus gland and state its location.


  1. Why pancreas is called a mixed gland? Write the names of its hormones.


  1. Give a schematic diagram to explain the effect of auxins in different parts of the plant.


  1. Give any four examples of human reflexes.


  1. What is neuromuscular junction?


  1. What is the significance of reflex actions?


  1. What is the action of nervous tissues?


  1. How do the plants respond to external stimuli?


  1. What is geotropism?


  1. How is the brain protected against shock?


  1. Write the functions of plant hormones.


  1. How blood sugar is regulated in human body?


  1. What are the two types of areas present in the cerebrum of brain?


  1. What are the functions regulated by fore-brain?


  1. How does hypothalamus function as endocrine gland?


  1. Give an example of a pair of hormones that function in opposite directions.


  1. Define hydrotropism. Give one example of it.


  1. What is meant by receptors and effectors? Give one examples of each.


  1. How do hormones reach the organs they control?


  1. Where is hypothalamus gland located? What does it produce? State the function of hypothalamus.


  1. Write a note on fore-brain.


  1. What are the functions of hind-brain?


  1. Mention the functions of fore-brain.


  1. Write names of four hormones secreted from pituitary gland and also write their functions.


  1. Name the four regions of the fore-brain and mention any one function per region.


  1. Which is the control centre of a reflex action? What is the route taken by the reflex action called?


  1. How do you support the statement that 'pancreas' are the overall controller of the blood glucose level?