Control and coordination Worksheet-27

Control and coordination Worksheet-27


Subjective questions:

  1. Explain how nervous impulse travel in the body.


  1. Write the mechanism of reflex action.


  1. What is cerebrum? State the functions of cerebrum.


  1. Write the functions of pons, cerebellum and medulla oblongata.


  1. Define reflex arc. Give a flow chart of a spinal reflex arc.


  1. Give one example to show how the endocrine system coordinates our body activities.


  1. Design an experiment to demonstrate hydrotropism.


  1. How does chemical coordination take place in animals?


  1. What is the function of receptors in our body? Think of situation where receptors do not work properly. What problems are likely to arise?


  1. How does chemical coordination occur in plants?


  1. Compare and contrast nervous and hormonal mechanisms for control and coordination in animals.


  1. What is the difference between the manner in which movement in the sensitive plant and movement in our legs takes place?


  1. What is a reflex action? Give its two examples. Illustrate the pathway followed by a message from the receptor in a reflex arc.


  1. (a) What are 'hormones'?

(b) List four characteristics of hormones.

(c) Name the hormone required for the following:

(i) Functioning of memory glands.

(ii) Regulation of calcium and phosphate in blood.

(iii) Lowering of blood glucose.

(iv) Development of moustache and beard in human male.


  1. What are the functions of auxins, gibberellins and abscisic acid?


  1. Describe the central nervous system in human beings.


  1. Mention the function of fore-brain.


  1. What are the three major components of the nervous system in animals? How are nerves classified? What are the three major types of nervous system and how is one different from the other?


  1. With the help of a flow chart, highlight the various types of plant movements with suitable examples.


  1. Suggest six reflex actions of the body. Explain how the reflex arc is the same in all of them.


  1. What are hormones? Give their characteristics.


  1. What is a reflex arc? Draw a neat labelled diagram of the components in a reflex arc. Why do impulses flow only in one direction in a reflex arc?


  1. Show in a tabular form the names of endocrine glands, hormones secreted by them and their functions.


  1. Name five hormones secreted by pituitary gland and mention their functions.


  1. What is endocrine system? What are its functions? Name the important endocrine glands present in a human body. Draw a labelled diagram to show the positions of these endocrine glands in the human body (male/female).


  1. Draw the structure of a neutron and explain its function.