Cyberworld crossword-1

WORD BANK: Bit, boot, capslock, cpu, device, ibm, keyboard, laptop, monitor, mouse, network, numerickeys, personalcomputer, printer, ram, rom, shift, speakers, upload.

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Computer terms crossword

  3rd grade crossword puzzle


2. change the case of the letter when pressed.

3. Any hardware unit that is either part of, or is connected to, your PC

4. Read-Only Memory

7. A video display terminal.

8. _______  are found on the right side of the keyboard and act much like a calculator pad,

9. To start up a computer

10. Small, lightweight, portable battery- powered computers that can fit onto your lap.

13. Random Access Memory

15. The process of transferring information from a computer to a web site

16. A system of interconnected computers.



1. An input device

5. The ________ is a mean of sending information to the computer.

6. International Business Machines

9. The smallest piece of computer information, either the number 0 or 1

11. A single-user computer containing a central processing unit (CPU) and one or more memory circuits.

12. An output device

14. The brain of the computer.

17. A mechanical device for printing a computer's output on paper.

18. change the case of the letter when pressed.

19. These are the devices that the sounds come out of which are sometimes built into the monitor.