Cyberworld crossword-1


WORD BANK:  Bit, boot, capslock, cpu, device, ibm, keyboard, laptop, monitor, mouse, network, numerickeys, personalcomputer, printer, ram, rom, shift, speakers, upload.

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  3rd grade crossword puzzle


2  change the case of the letter when pressed.

3  Any hardware unit that is either part of, or is connected to, your PC

4  Read-Only Memory

7  A video display terminal.

8 _______  are found on the right side of the keyboard and act much like a calculator pad,

9  To start up a computer

10  Small, lightweight, portable battery- powered computers that can fit onto your lap.

13  Random Access Memory

15  The process of transferring information from a computer to a web site

16  A system of interconnected computers.



1  An input device

5  The________ is a mean of sending information to the computer.

6  International Business Machines

9  The smallest piece of computer information, either the number 0 or 1

11  A single-user computer containing a central processing unit (CPU) and one or more memory circuits.

12  An output device

14  The brain of the computer.

17  A mechanical device for printing a computer's output on paper.

18  change the case of the letter when pressed.

19  These are the devices that the sounds come out of which are sometimes built

into the monitor.