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English Video lectures Course Details

English Video Lectures-Set-1
1. is, am, are in present simple
2. is, am, are in present simple
3. There is, There are
4. Simple Present Tense
5. Simple Present Tense
6. Present Continuous Tense
7. Present Perfect Tense
8. Present Perfect Tense
9. Present Perfect continuous Tense
10. Present Perfect simple Vs, continuous Tense
11. Simple past tense
12. Simple past tense
13. Past continuous Tense
14. Past simple-continuous-perfect
15. Past perfect Tense
16. Will and Shall
17. have got, has got
18. For-Since-Ago
English Video Lectures-Set-2
19. Passive voice
20. Passive Voice
21. Practice 1
22. Used to
23. may-might, can-could
24. Practice-can-could, may-might
25. Practice 2
26. Question Tags
27. Making Questions
28. Must, Should, Need, have to
29. Must, should, need, have to-practice session
30. Must Vs have to had to will have to
31. Should ought to would like to
32. few little, a few a little
33. A lot of, lots of, much, many
34. each, every, either, neither
35. each, every, either, neither-practice session
36. some any something, anything
37. some any something etc. practice session
38. questions part-1
39. Parts of speech-introduction
40. Nouns
41. pronouns part-1
42. pronouns part-2
Reported speech session-1
Reported speech session-2
Reported speech session-3
Reported speech session-Practice session-1
Reported speech session-Practice session-2
Reported speech session-Practice session-3
English Videos for competitive exams-Set-1
English- workshop-1-Tenses
English- workshop-2-Tenses
English workshop-3-verbs
English workshop-4-verbs
English workshop-5-verbs
Common errors-1 (Subject-Verb agreement)
Sentence Correction session-1
Sentence Correction session-2
Sentence Correction session-3
Sentence Correction session-4
Sentence Correction session-5
Sentence Correction session-6
Sentence Correction session-7
Spotting errors session-1
Spotting errors session-2
Spotting errors session-3
Spotting errors session-4
Spotting errors session-5
Spotting errors session-6
Spotting errors session-7
Spotting errors session-8
Sentence improvement session-1
Sentence improvement session-2
Sentence improvement session-3
Sentence improvement session-4
Sentence improvement session-5
Sentence improvement session-6
Sentence improvement session-7
Sentence improvement session-8
Phrase substitution session-1
Phrase substitution session-2
Phrase substitution session-3
Phrase substitution session-4
Phrase substitution session-5
English Video Lectures-Set-3
Adjectives session-1
Adjectives session-2
Adjectives session-3
Adjective practice session-1
Adjective practice session-2
Adjective practice session-3
English Videos for competitive exams-Set-2
Cloze Tests session-1
Cloze Tests session-2
Cloze Tests session-3
Cloze Tests session-4
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