English 'n' logic worksheet-4


  1. The rope is hard to cut because it is so ______.

(a) new               (b) weak             (c) sad                 (d) thick


  1. The food tastes ______. It was prepared by _____chef.

(a) great … an excellent              (b) delicious … a bad

(c) terrible … a good                    (d) bad … an excellent


  1. Mary and Lata are ______ because they have the same father and mother.

(a) women         (b) friends         (c) sisters           (d) men

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  1. After she completed the hard exercise class, Anuja felt ______.

(a) strange         (b) angry            (c) tired              (d) old


  1. After working on it for hours, Jay finally finished the _____ puzzle.

(a) easy               (b) difficult        (c) dangerous   (d) wise


  1. Elephants are   ____. Ants are _____.

(a) big … large                               (b) small … big

(c) tiny … small                             (d) huge … tiny


  1. Adi got very ______ because Mansi broke his toy.

(a) hungry         (b) upset             (c) sleepy            (d) slow


  1. Although Mamta tries to be on time for her class, she still arrives ____.

(a) late                (b) great             (c) silly                (d) noisy


  1. The ______ recipe has ______ ingredients.

(a) simple … a lot                         (b) difficult … few

(c) complicated … many             (d) sweet … bitter


  1. When I said the correct answer, the teacher told me that I was ____.

(a) right              (b) wrong           (c) Bad                (d) close


Answer Keys:

(31) D; (32) A; (33) C; (34) C; (35) B; (36) D; (37) B; (38) A; (39) C; (40) A