Electricity and circuits Worksheet-1

Electricity and circuits Worksheet-1


Multiple-choice questions:

  1. In an electric circuit, the direction of the current flow in an electric cell is from:

(A) Positive terminal to negative terminal of a cell

(B) Negative terminal to positive terminal of a cell

(C) Any direction

(D) None of these


  1. If the filament of the bulb breaks, the bulb is then said to be:

(A) Short-circuited                           (B) Fused

(C) Over-loaded                               (D) None of these


  1. A simple device that is either use to break the electric circuit or to complete it is known as:

(A) Tester             (B) Filament        (C) Switch            (D) Fuse


  1. Electromagnets are used in:

(A) Separating magnetic material from junk 

(B) Electric bell

(C) Lifting heavy loads (crane)

(D) All of these


  1. The best conductor of electricity is:

(A) Copper           (B) Aluminium    (C) Brass              (D) Silver


  1. Combination of two or more cells are called:

(A) Switch            (B) Element         (C) Key                 (D) Battery


  1. Effect that is responsible for glowing of bulb is:

(A) Magnetic effect of current       (B) Chemical effect of current

(C) Heating effect of current (D) None of these


  1. The ‘ISI’ mark on the electrical appliances, stands for:

(A) Indian Standard institution

(B) Indian Statistical institution 

(C) International Standard institution

(D) International Statistical institution 


  1. Which instrument is use to measure the electric current in a circuit?

(A) Ammeter                                    (B) Voltmeter

(C) Galvanometer                            (D) Resistor


  1. Which instrument is use to measure the voltage across the wire?

(A) Ammeter                                    (B) Voltmeter

(C) Galvanometer                            (D) Resistor


Answer Key:

  1. (A)
  2. (B)
  3. (C)
  4. (D)
  5. (D)
  6. (D)
  7. (C)
  8. (A)
  9. (A)
  10. (B)