English Olympiad Grammar Worksheet-55

The Complete Course of Grammar Worksheet-55


  1. Find the verb in the following sentence.

The pants feel very itchy.

A. itchy               B. feel                 C. very                D. none of the above


  1. Find the sentence that has no capitalization errors.

A. My two favourite subjects are English and Spanish.

B. my two favourite Subjects are English and spanish.

C. My two favourite subjects are english and spanish.

D. my two favourite subjects are English and Spanish.


  1. Which noun does the pronoun she represent in the following sentence?

Mrs Jensen frowned at Jane, so she put her pen down right away.

A. Mrs Jensen  B. Jane               C. pen                 D. away


  1. What type of sentence is this?

Clean up your mess; don’t leave it for someone else.

A. fragment       B. simple           C. complex        D. run-on


  1. What type of sentence is this?

Polygons are closed figures.

A. simple           B. compound    C. complex        D. fragment


  1. What type of sentence is this?

Jaspreet went to the park.

A. Imperative                                B. Declarative

C. Interrogative                            D. Exclamatory


  1. Choose the correct spelling of the word.

A. woodin          B. woodan         C. woden            D. wooden


  1. The noun(s) or pronoun(s) before the verb are called the _____ .

A. simple subject                          B. simple predicate

C. complete subject                     D. complete predicate


  1. Which sentence below is not a complete thought?

A. The Declaration of Independence was written in 1776.

B. The 13 colonies wanted to be free of British rule.

C. And fought for independence in the American Revolutionary War.

D. He became our countrys first president when the war was over.


  1. Find the adjectives in the following sentence.

I need a soft and silky yarn to make her dress.

A. need, her                                   B. yarn, soft, silky

C. soft, silky, her                           D. dress


  1. Rearrange the following words to make a meaningful sentence:

He/ may /get/ success/ is /industrious/ since he

A. He may get success is industrious he since.

B. He may get industrious is since he success.

C. Since he may industrious is get success he .

D. Since he is industrious he may get success.


Answer Key:

(1)-B; (2)-A; (3)-B; (4)-D; (5)-A; (6)-B; (7)-D; (8)-A; (9)-C; (10)-C; (11)-D