Prepositions Worksheet-29

Prepositions Worksheet-29


  1. The poor have to work........morning to evening.

A. in                    B. to                     C. from               D. before


  1. I go........swimming every morning.

A. to                    B. for                  C. at                     D. in


  1. Never laugh........the disabled.

A. on                   B. from               C. to                     D. at


  1. Please I am coming within five minutes.

A. for                  B. by                    C. from               D. to


  1. He with Sakshi.

A. by                   B. for                  C. in                     D. with


  1. I got your parcel........Tuesday.

A. since              B. for                  C. to                     D. on


  1. She was early age.

A. for                  B. of                     C. at                     D. in


  1. His father died........the age of sixty three.

A. at                    B. in                     C. for                  D. of


  1. They will go to Bangalore........plane.

A. on                   B. in                     C. by                   D. from


  1. The man........a beard is my brother.

A. in                    B. of                     C. for                  D. with


  1. I am friends for their moral support.

A. for                   B. to                     C. of                     D. with


  1. Gandhiji fought........the freedom of our country.

A. by                    B. in                     C. of                     D. for


  1. This watch is a uncle.

A. by                    B. from               C. of                     D. in


  1. They will leave the place........10 pm

A. on                    B. since              C. for                  D. at


  1. She was punished........stealing a saree.

A. for                  B. by                    C. with                D. from


  1. The box belonged........the landlord.

A. of                    B. with                C. to                     D. for


  1. You must finish your project........5 o'clock positively.

A. in                    B. for                  C. till                   D. to


  1. Children are fond........chocolates and computer games.

A. for                  B. of                     C. with                D. in


  1. We get rains........July every year.

A. for                  B. to                     C. on                   D. in


  1. His father died........cancer.

A. in                    B. of                     C. by                   D. for


Answer Key:

  1. C

  2. B

  3. D

  4. A

  5. C

  6. D

  7. C

  8. A

  9. C

  10. D

  11. C

  12. D

  13. B

  14. D

  15. A

  16. C

  17. C

  18. B

  19. D

  20. B