The world - Comprehension Worksheet

The world - Comprehension Worksheet

          The world is going ahead at a tremendous speed. But all this progress will be shattered if we do not secure peace. Scientific inventions and advancement of technology knowledge have brought the world closer. If one country suffers, all will suffer to some extent. We have become inter-responsible. This has brought about the necessity of international relationship. People should understand that all human beings are brothers. The narrow bounds of nationalism and patriotism have to be shed. Unless we understand the lesson of ‘live and let live’ we stand on our last legs. If another war breaks out, it will destroy the entire race of humanity. If we establish love and sympathy, goodwill and happiness among our ourselves, we can still save the world of destruction. ‘Live and let live’ is a sound religion. From Gautama Buddha to Mahatma Gandhi, a number of great persons have pleaded for this mutual love and brotherly feelings. We are the inter-dependent children of the same father in heaven. We should, therefore, live in peace .This is the only way by which we can go along the road to progress.


Multiple-Choice Question:

  1. We have to shed the narrow bounds of

(A) brotherhood                           (B) secularism

(C) Nationalism                            (D) democracy


  1. We are _____ children of the same father.

(A) dependent                               (B) inter-dependent

(C) similar                                     (D) one


  1. What has brought the world closer?

(A) Scientific inventions             (B) computers

(C) mobile phones                        (D) fighter planes


  1. How can we save the world from destruction?

(A) political meetings                  (B) Goodwill

(C) atomic bombs                        (D) business parties


  1. What is the necessity of time?

(A) progress and growth            (B) advancement

(C) domestic peace                      (D) international relationship


Fill in the blanks:

  1. _____ is a sound religion.


  1. A number of great persons have pleaded for this ____.


  1. The world is going ahead at a _____ speed.


  1. If we do not secure peace, our progress will be _____.


  1. Wars destroy the entire race of ____.


Answer key:

  1. (C)

  2. (B)

  3. (A)

  4. (B)

  5. (D)

  6. Live and Let Live

  7. mutual love

  8. tremendous

  9. shattered

  10. humanity