Conjunctions Worksheet-2

Conjunctions Worksheet-2


  1. I am not sure _______ she will get permission.

A. or                    B. after               C. because         D. whether


  1. I wanted to read books _____ I went to the library.

A. but                  B. if                     C. so                    D. or


  1. Lata _____ her assistant will contact you when the dresses are ready.

A. but                  B. or                    C. so                    D. either


  1. I don't want to send Sanjana an email _____ she never responds.

A. unless            B. for                  C. because         D. while


  1. Submit the forms ____ you are finished.

A. when              B. but                  C. whether         D. or


  1. ____ Anu and Leena worked at the factory.

A. Of                   B. So                   C. Or                   D. Both


  1. The children were cute, ____ very naughty.

A. if                     B. but                  C. for                  D. so


Write each sentence with and, or, but.

  1. Either Sushma _____ I do the chores.

A. but                  B. or                    C. and


  1. Some families argue, _____ we get along very well.

A. and                 B. or                    C. but


Write the letter of the group of words that best completes sentence.

  1. I enjoy the country, but _____

A. our farm                                    C. the fresh air

B. city life is fun too                     D. you do.


Answer Key:

(1)-D; (2)-C; (3)-B; (4)-C; (5)-A; (6)-D; (7)-B; (8)-B; (9)-C; (10)-B