English Olympiad Grammar Worksheet-6

The Complete Course of Grammar Worksheet-6


  1. First we must study; _______ we can watch TV.

A. than               B. that                C. then                D. there


  1. Choose a CORRECT word to make the following a compound word.

Rain +

A. earth              B. flower            C. bow                D. wash


  1. Identify the part of speech of the word in the bracket.

Natasha (grew) tired of the constant interference from the owner.

A. Pronoun        B. Verb               C. Adjective       D. Noun


  1. Choose the correct possessive noun to fill in the blank.

Some _____ handbags were misplaced during the flight.

A. "passengers"                             B. "passengerss"

C. "passengerss"                           D. passengers


  1. Identify the noun referred by the pronoun in bracket.

Most sharks do not chew their food, but gulp (it) down whole in large pieces.

A. food                B. chew              C. water             D. sharks


  1. Fill in the blanks with a CORRECT object pronoun.

Your boys are great. I really like _______.

A. them              B. they                C. him                D. her


  1. Find the action verb in the given sentence.

Suddenly Pratik heard a loud noise.

A. suddenly       B. loud                C. Pratik            D. heard


  1. I ______ a computer programmer earlier, but now I teach computers at the ABC Middle School.

A. was                 B. were               C. am                  D. will


  1. If you work hard, you ____ the competition.

A. wins               B. won                C. will win         D. is winning


  1. Which sentence is an example of simple future tense?

A. I will be driving her home.

B. I will be driving her home.

C. I drove her home.

D. I drive her home.


Answer Key:

(1)-C; (2)-C; (3)-B; (4)-D; (5)-A; (6)-A; (7)-D; (8)-A; (9)-C; (10)-B