Complete the similes Worksheet-2

Complete the similes Worksheet-2


  1. As stubborn as a _____

A. Ox                  B. Mule              C. Bull                D. Goat


  1. As light as a _____

A. Air                  B. Cotton           C. Feather         D. Wind


  1. As wise as an _____

A. Eagle             B. Egg                 C. Owl                D. Ostrich


  1. As black as _______

A. Coal               B. Day                C. Dark              D. Wrongs


  1. As cold as ____

A. Water            B. Ice                  C. Cream           D. Fridge


  1. As sharp as a _____

A. Glass              B. Needle           C. Razor             D. Pin


  1. As _____ as a bird

A. Flying            B. Feathery       C. Free               D. Freedom


  1. As hard as ______

A. Flint                                            B. Sums

C. Mathematics                            D. Mountain


  1. As _____ as pie

A. Sweet             B. Easy               C. Hard              D. Sour


  1. As thin as a _____

A. Tree               B. Stump           C. Rake              D. Chip


Answer Key:

  1. B

Explanation: Being stubborn is a characteristic of the mule.


  1. C

Explanation: Being light is a characteristic of feathers.


  1. C

Explanation: Being wise is a characteristic of the owl.


  1. A

Explanation: Being black is a characteristic of coal.


  1. B

Explanation: Being cold is a characteristic of ice.


  1. C

Explanation: Being sharp is a characteristic of a razor.


  1. C

Explanation: Being free is a characteristic of birds.


  1. A

Explanation: Being hard is a characteristic of flint.


  1. B

Explanation: Being easy to make is a characteristic of a pie.


  1. C

Explanation: Being thin is a characteristic of the rake.