Tense mixed review Worksheet-58

Tense mixed review Worksheet-58


  1. The letter you sent me ____yet.  I ____my mailbox for it every day.  I wonder where it could be.

A. Has not arrived, check           B. Did not arrive, checked

C. Not arrived, checked              D. Has arrived, check


  1. I____for thirty minutes and my friend ____to meet me.  I am a little worried about her, because she is always on time.

A. Have been waiting, has not come

B. Am waiting, has not come

C. Waited, didn’t come

D. Has waited, has not come


  1. I ____Spain before. It is a beautiful country.  I love the old, southern city of Cádiz, which has wonderful plazas and beaches.

A. Have visited                              B. visited

C. Am visiting                                D. visit


  1. I ____my new book for ten months. Writing it has taken a lot of hard work and research.  Thankfully, it is almost finished.

A. Have been writing                   B. Has been writing

C. am writing                                 D. write


  1. The runners ____since 9:00 in the morning. Now it is 3:00 p.m., and the leaders are about to cross the finish line.

A. Have been racing                    B. Are racing

C. Have raced                                D. raced


  1. The weather has been dreary all week.  It ____since Monday.  Hopefully, we will have some sunshine this weekend.

A. Have been raining                   B. Has been raining

C. Is  raining                                  D. Has rained


  1. Anupam____ soccer his entire life.  Soon, he will go to college on a soccer scholarship.

A. Has played   B. Is playing      C. played            D. plays


  1. Julian and I ____to find jobs for two weeks.  We are a little discouraged, but we cannot give up.

A. Have been trying                     B. Are trying

C. Am trying                                  D. Have tried


  1. Mrs. Sharma is giving her students an algebra test right now. The students ____the test for thirty-five minutes. They have five minutes until time is up.

A. Are taking                                 B. Have been taking

C. take                                             D. Have taken


  1. Anup is worried because his keys are lost.  He needs to go to work.  He ____ for them for fifteen minutes.  Let’s help him.

A. Is looking                                   B. looked

C. Has been looking                     D. looks


  1. The children ____outside since morning. They must be getting hungry by now.  They need to come inside for dinner.

A. Have played                              B. Have been playing

C. Are playing                                D. Has been playing


  1. The criminal has not been caught yet.  The police ____ him since yesterday.

A. Have been chasing                  B. Is chasing

C. Has been chasing                    D. Are chasing


  1. Jainam ____bread for 5 hours.  It smells so good! His bakery is next door to our shop. We are taking two loaves of his fresh bread home when we close the shop tonight.

A. Has been making                    B. Is making

C. made                                          D. Didn’t make


  1. The construction workers____ that house. They____ on it this week, though, because it ____every day since Monday.

A. Are building, are not working, has been raining

B. Build,  are not working, has been raining

C. Are building, are working, has been raining

D. Are building, are not working, is raining


  1. Ankita ____about plants in her biology class.  She is paying close attention to the lectures. She wants to become a botanist some day.

A. Is learning                                 B. Has learnt

C. learn                                           D. learnt


  1. We ____the cake.  Now, we just have to decorate it with icing. Would you like to help?

A. Already baked                          B. Have already baked

C. baked                                          D. Are already baking


  1. Have you ever been to Italy?  I ____pictures of the town of Assisi. Some day, I would like to travel there to see its beautiful churches.

A. saw                 B. see                  C. Have seen     D. Had seen


  1. The voters ____a new governor.  She____ her acceptance speech for the past thirty minutes. I hope she will finish soon!

A. Have elected, has been making

B. Has elected, has been making

C. Have elected, is making

D. elected, is making


  1. The package I sent to Pavan ____yet.  He ____ the Post Office every day. I don't know what happened to it.

A. Has not arrived, calls             B. Has arrived, calls

C. Has not arrived, calling         D. Have not arrived, calls


  1. Maya and Rama are dirty.  They ____outside since morning.  It is time for them to come in and take a bath.

A. Are playing                               B. play

C. Have been playing                   D. Have played


Answer Key:

(1)-A; (2)-A; (3)-A; (4)-A; (5)-A; (6)-B; (7)-A; (8)-A; (9)-B; (10)-C; (11)-B; (12)-A; (13)-A; (14)-A; (15)-A; (16)-B; (17)-C; (18)-A; (19)-A; (20)-C