Verb Exercise-6 [Level-5]

Verb Practice Exercise-6 [Level-5]


  1. Fill in the blanks.
  1. The prices of vegetables ____ up again.


  1. The singers ____ very well in the concert.


  1. Sheila ____ an order for some fruit salad.


  1. Her aunt ____ a letter from her son.


  1. My friend ____ a goal in every match he ____.


  1. Rewrite the sentences using the subject given in the brackets:
  1. They have written the essay. (she)


  1. The Chief Minister has finalised the contract. (the ministers)


  1. We have eaten lunch. (he)


  1. Has he looked after the guests well? (I)


  1. The army has attacked the enemy camp. (the battalion of soldiers)



  1. 1. have grown

2. have performed

3. has placed

4. had received

5. has scored, has played

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