English Olympiad Grammar Worksheet-83

The Complete Course of Grammar Worksheet-83


  1. Mrs. Sharma _______ used to look after me when I was little has migrated to India.

A. which             B. who                C. whom            D. whose


  1. Did you receive any ______ from readers after your article was published?

A. hints               B. remarks        C. Evaluation    D. Feedback


  1. The trees ______ I saw in the forest were deciduous trees.

A. whom            B. that                C. who                D. whose


  1. Some people went to new lands to ______ the people there to another religion.

A. change           B. transfigure   C. convert          D. remodel


  1. A party was held to ______ the opening of the new stall.

A. memorialize                             B. honour

C. observe                                     D. commemorate


  1. Aarav would not buy the book if it ______ not on sale.

A. are                  B. was                 C. have not        D. had not


  1. We put some string through a ______ and hung it between two trees to advertise the opening to our new restaurant.

A. poster            B. banner           C. placard                   D. streamer


  1. Using a caravan as a home allows Joy to be ____

A. temporary                                B. mobile

C. contemporary                          D. transitory


  1. The worker used _______ to patch the hole in the wall.

A. sand               B. cement          C. soil                 D. glass


  1. If you read the book, you _______ what happened.

A. will know                                   B. would know

C. will have known                       D. would have known


Answer Key:

(1)-B; (2)-D; (3)-B; (4)-C; (5)-D; (6)-B; (7)-B; (8)-B; (9)-B; (10)-A