English Olympiad Grammar Worksheet-94

The Complete Course of Grammar Worksheet-94


  1. The Antarctica contains oxygen-rich water that is used to____ the water at the bottom of the ocean when it runs out.

A. cover              B. contain          C. replenish       D. reload


  1. If the wind continues to blow ______ hard, the fire will spread to the surrounding buildings.

A. too                  B. quite              C. hardly            D. none


  1. Together with Dev, we wrote the ______ for this new play.

A. draft               B. rehearsal      C. script             D. paper


  1. Archaeologists have ______ together the events that took place before the disease hit the town.

A. pieced                                        B. accumulated

C. gathered                                    D. assembled


  1. We decided to eat and work _____ so that we would not waste any time.

A. seasonally                                 B. similarly

C. sequentially                              D. simultaneously


  1. If you were to take a bus to school every day, you ______ (leave) the house at dawn.

A. will                 B. will not          C. would            D. would not


  1. The houses along the beach _____ be destroyed by the annual hurricane. It happens every year.

A. might             B. will


  1. You did not notice the chameleon _______ it was almost the same colour as its surrounding.

A. since              B. but                  C. unless            D. therefore


  1. Amar is an _______. He does not like to play team sports.

A. individual     B. introvert        C. amateur        D. extrovert


  1. If you had been there, you ______ to join in the show.

A. will want                                    B. would want

C. will have wanted                      D. would have wanted


Answer Key:

(1)-B; (2)-A; (3)-C; (4)-A; (5)-D; (6)-C; (7)-B; (8)-A; (9)-B; (10)-D