English Olympiad Grammar Worksheet-60

The Complete Course of Grammar Worksheet-60


  1. What is the object of the preposition in the following sentence:

Manoj raced to the park where other children were playing.

A. children        B. park               C. other              D. where


  1. Choose the word that best suits the simile :

As gentle as a _____

A. bull                 B. lamb              C. dove               D. peacock


  1. Choose the sentence that contains a compound subject.

A. Anita and Kavita washed the dishes for their mother.

B. The teacher wrote a lesson plan and graded papers.

C. The circus comes to town every July.

D. Aruna loves to read and write.


  1. Choose the correct determiner.

I am _____ sorry.

A. too                  B. much             C. very                D. more


  1. Which part of the sentence is the prepositional phrase?

Sonu, took the largest slice of pizza.

A. Sonu, took                                 B. took the largest slice

C. of pizza.                                     D. largest slice of pizza.


  1. What is the complete predicate?

A. The words after the verb

B. the verb and the words that follow

C. the words before the verb

D. the noun


  1. Choose the sentence that is written correctly.

A. Anjali has three brothers, Madhav, Ankit, and Rohan.

B. Anjali has three brothers: Madhav, Ankit, and Rohan.

C. Anjali has three brothers Madhav, Ankit, and Rohan

D. Anjali has, three brothers Madhav, Ankit, and Rohan


  1. Pick out the correct determiner.

Please don’t leave ______ clothes on the floor.

A. no                   B. none               C. any                 D. some


  1. Pick out the correct adjective.

Take one of _____ books from that pile.

A. this                 B. those              C. these              D. the


  1. Fill in the blank with a CORRECT form of adjective.

My luggage is ______ than yours.

A. heavy             B. heaviest         C. heavier          D. heavily


Answer Key:

(1)-B; (2)-B; (3)-A; (4)-C; (5)-C; (6)-B; (7)-B; (8)-C; (9)-D; (10)-C