English Olympiad Grammar Worksheet-61

The Complete Course of Grammar Worksheet-61


  1. Which group of words form the prepositional phrase in the following sentence:

Black smoke rose up the chimney.

A. smoke rose up                          B. black smoke rose

C. black smoke rose up               D. up the chimney


  1. Choose the correct pronoun.

I reminded ____ to bring cameras.

A. they                B. me                  C. he                   D. them


  1. Choose the sentence that contains the compound predicate.

A. The students helped Mrs. Sinha grade the test papers.

B. Mr. Sehgal ran to the store and bought a drink.

C. Mrs. Webber helped Joseph.

D. The teacher and principal met with her mother.


  1. What is the pronoun in this sentence?

Jay is cool but he doesnt like to be teased.

A. but                  B. is                     C. he                   D. like


  1. In which sentence are all common and proper nouns written correctly?

A. Last month mona visited Aunt Anita.

B. We took her to Army Camp on Memorial Day.

C. My Aunt lives in a small town in Texas.

D. She swims at a beach along the Gulf Of Mexico.


  1. Pick out the correct collective noun.

A ______ of sailors.

A. group             B. crew               C. band              D. army


  1. What is the simple predicate?

A. the noun                                    B. the verb

C. the adjective                             D. the pronoun


  1. In the following choices which is a complete subject?

A. The dog and the cat                B. dog and cat

C. the dog and cat                        D. dog the cat


  1. This is an example of which figure of speech?

Oink! Oink! squealed the pig as the farmer chased him.

A. hyperbole                                 B. onomatopoeia

C. personification                         D. alliteration


  1. Find the comparative form of the adjective bad.

A. badest            B. worst             C. worse             D. badder


Answer Key:

(1)-D; (2)-D; (3)-B; (4)-C; (5)-B; (6)-B; (7)-B; (8)-A; (9)-B; (10)-C