English & Logics Worksheet-3

English & Logics Worksheet-3


  1. The children are ___because they are playing a game.

A. careful           B. bored             C. happy            D. scared


  1. The cows in our farm eat tree leaves mixed with corn and water. They love it, but to me it seems ___.

A. disgusting     B. delicious       C. tasty               D. Interesting


  1. The big dog ___me. He is very______.

A. likes ... friendly                        B. hates ... large

C. loves ... mean                           D. scares ... sweet


  1. Binu’s watch was very ___. It did not cost much, and after two days it stopped working.

A. huge               B. cheap             C. expensive      D. fancy


  1. Kavya is ___. He always does his homework and his chores. He even watches his little brother for his mom when she is busy.

A. kind                B. funny             C. smart             D. responsible


  1. Aashi is ______, but Juhi is just the opposite. Juhi is ___.

A. happy ... crazy                          B. interesting ... entertaining

C. silly ... serious                          D. ridiculous ... sweet


  1. Amy only likes small animals. She has a hamster, two birds, and three______. She doesn't have any______.

A. giraffes ... dogs                        B. elephants ... pigs

C. fish ... mice                               D. cats ... horses


  1. The woman drank all of the water from the bottle. There is nothing left in it. The bottle is ___ .

A. dusty              B. empty            C. full                  D. thirsty


  1. The guests had a ___ time at the party. Every one of them said that they had a wonderful time and would love to be invited back again.

A. boring            B. terrible          C. terrific           D. sad


  1. Samya accidentally dropped the ______ glass, and it broke into many pieces when it hit the floor.

A. hard               B. fragile            C. tough             D. thick


Answer Key:

(1)-C; (2)-A; (3)-A; (4)-B; (5)-D; (6)-C; (7)-D; (8)-B; (9)-C; (10)-B