Prefix & Suffix Worksheet-2

Prefix & Suffix Worksheet-2


  1. Add a prefix to the following word to make a CORRECT word.


A. un                   B. im                   C. pre                  D. mis


  1. Which of the following prefixes means "before"?

A. post                B. pre                  C. per                  D. extra


  1. Which is NOT a prefix?

A. extra              B. dis                  C. fully                D. bi


  1. Which of the following prefixes means "five"?

A. poly                B. per                  C. post                D. penta


  1. If the root word trust means "rely on", which means "not relying on"?

A. distrust          B. nontrust        C. intrust           D. untrust


  1. Which of these has a suffix?

A. joyful             B. tripod            C. dislike            D. none of these


  1. When the suffix "ness" is added to the word "happy", what is the correct spelling?

A. happyness    B. happiness     C. happines       D. hapeness


  1. Which suffix is right for the word "beauty"?

A. ly                     B. able                C. ful                   D. est


  1. Which one of the following is a suffix?

A. un                   B. anti                 C. ment              D. octa


  1. Read the sentence and add a CORRECT suffix to the underlined word.

Mr. Panchal didn't like the arrange of tables for the seminar.

A. less                 B. ment              C. ful                   D. ness


Answer Key:

(1)-D; (2)-B; (3)-C; (4)-D; (5)-A; (6)-A; (7)-B; (8)-C; (9)-C; (10)-B