English Olympiad Grammar Worksheet-81

The Complete Course of Grammar Worksheet-81


  1. Many places ____ used to be grasslands have now become deserts.

A. which             B. who                C. whom            D. whose


  1. The famous actress agreed to act in the movie only after she had read the_______.

A. script             B. draft               C. speech           D. production


  1. Those bottles of drink ____ are on the table have been contaminated.

A. which             B. who                C. whom            D. whose


  1. The explorers discovered many trading ______ in the past which allowed goods to be traded among countries.

A. paths              B. routes            C. directions     D. means


  1. The robber ______ into my house through the broken window and stole all my money and valuables.

A. climbs                                        B. climbed

C. was climbing                             D. has climbed


  1. The plane will take off if the thunderstorm _______.

A. stops                                           B. stopped

C. would stop                                 D. had stopped


  1. The popular radio deejay was asked to_______ a new soda.

A. endorse         B. approve         C. sanction        D. authenticate


  1. Some people stay in_______ homes known as a teepee.

A. permanent                               B. temporary

C. contemporary                          D. arbitrary


  1. Do you prefer_______ or traditional art forms?

A. coincident                                 B. contemporary

C. foreign                                       D. simultaneous


  1. If everything is ______, we do not have to do anything manually.

A. habitual                                     B. mechanised

C. automated                                 D. instinctive


Answer Key:

(1)-A; (2)-A; (3)-A; (4)-B; (5)-B; (6)-A; (7)-A; (8)-C; (9)-B; (10)-C