English Olympiad Grade 2 Pronouns Worksheet-3

English Pronouns Worksheet-3


Fill in the correct pronouns in the following sentences:

  1. Did he call _____?

       A. she                  B. her                  C. their               D. I


  1. The king asked _________ servants to search for the golden bird.

       A. he                   B. she                  C. his                  D. himself

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  1. Give this pen to _____!

       A. I                      B. my                  C. mine              D. me


  1. My brother and ____ went to see the circus.

       A. their               B. I                      C. me                  D. my


  1. He said, ____ were responsible for the loss.

       A. we                   B. us                    C. me                  D. our


(21)–B; (22)–C; (23)–D; (24)–B; (25)–A