Complete the similes Worksheet-3

Complete the similes Worksheet-3


  1. As alike as ______ in a pod

A. Two digits     B. Two peas      C. A pea             D. Two boys


  1. As ______ as a bat

A. Deaf               B. Mute              C. Blind              D. Soft


  1. As bold as _______

A. Gold               B. Brass             C. Silver             D. Nickel


  1. As deaf as a ______

A. Mute              B. Post                C. Lamp             D. Stick


  1. As flat as a _____

A. Cupcake                                     B. Fruit cake

C. Pancake                                     D. Eggless cake


  1. As good as _____

A. A boy             B. A girl              C. Gold               D. Silver


  1. As nutty as a ______

A. Cupcake                                     B. Pancake

C. Eggless cake                             D. Fruit cake


  1. As safe as ______

A. Banks            B. Houses          C. Shops             D. Locks


  1. As slippery as an _____

A. Egg                 B. Elf                  C. Easel              D. Eel


  1. As slow as a _____

A. Snail              B. Movie            C. Hare              D. Ant


Answer Key:

  1. B

Explanation: Being alike is a characteristic of peas in a pod.


  1. C

Explanation: Being blind is a characteristic of the bats.


  1. B

Explanation: Being bold is a characteristic of brass.


  1. B

Explanation: Being deaf is a characteristic of every post.


  1. C

Explanation: Being flat is a characteristic of pancakes.


  1. C

Explanation: Being good is a characteristic of gold.


  1. D

Explanation: Being nutty (full of nuts) is a characteristic of the fruit cake.


  1. B

Explanation: Being safe is a characteristic of houses.


  1. D

Explanation: Being slippery is a characteristic of eels.


  1. A

Explanation: Being slow is a characteristic of snails.