English Olympiad Grammar Worksheet-1

The Complete Course of Grammar Worksheet-1


  1. What does the suffix "ment" mean?

A. Very small                                 B. Act of

C. Science or theory                     D. Many


  1. Choose a CORRECT word to make the following a compound word : Base +

A. ball                 B. port                C. match            D. field


  1. Find the Adjective in the following sentence : Shimla is colder than Ooty.

A. Shimla           B. Ooty               C. Is                   D. Colder


  1. Identify the possessive noun in the following sentence.

"Manu didnt know he was using Manvis ruler."

A. "Manvis"       B. ruler               C. Manu             D. none of these


  1. Fill in the blank with a CORRECT pronoun.

The red suitcase is ______.

A. ourselves       B. "ours"            C. ours                D. ourselfs


  1. Replace the noun in bracket with a CORRECT object pronoun.

Manav told (Amrita) he could fly an airplane.

A. she                  B. herself           C. it                     D. her


  1. Choose the word that is NOT a helping verb.

A. is                     B. were               C. where            D. are


  1. _______ they joining us to the camping trip?

A. Are                 B. Is                    C. Was                D. Am


  1. Which sentence is an example of present perfect continuous?

A. They have been swimming for one hour.

B. Did they swim?

C. They will be swimming tomorrow.

D. They are swimming.


  1. Which sentence is an example of future continuous tense?

A. My uncle Aashav will be going to China next week.

B. My uncle Aashav went to China.

C. My uncle Aashav will go to China next week.

D. My had gone to China.


  1. He was ______ his travel stories with children.

A. shared           B. shares            C. sharing          D. share


Answer Key:

(1)-B; (2)-A; (3)-D; (4)-A; (5)-C; (6)-D; (7)-C; (8)-A; (9)-A; (10)-A; (11)-C