Verb Exercise-1 [Level-6]

Verb Practice Exercise-1 [Level-6]


  1. Fill in the blanks:
  1. Rahul and Sunil ____ arriving tomorrow.


  1. One of the girls ____ a good swimmer.


  1. This pair of shorts ____ quite old.


  1. A lot of money ____ used for the welfare of orphans.


  1. A class of fifty boys ____ coming to view the exhibition


  1. The British Isles ____ going to set up a nuclear plant.


  1. Correct the mistakes (if any) in the following sentences so that the subject and the verb agree:
  1. This stationery are quite new.



  1. Each of the children want to go home.


  1. Those ladies, dressed in saris, is my mother's friends.


  1. A bouquet of the best flowers are always loved by all.


  1. The girls, selling toys, look quite poor.


  1. A thousand rupees have been contributed by each member


  1. The police have not been called yet.


  1. Mr. Shah my friend, philosopher and guide, are coming today.


  1. Every boy has worn a new dress today.


  1. The child as well as his friends have arrived for the party.



  1. 1. are

2. is

3. is

4. is

5. is

6. is


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