English Olympiad Grammar Worksheet-26

The Complete Course of Grammar Worksheet-26


  1. Which of the following does NOT belong to the group?

A. Egypt                                          B. Uganda

C. South America                          D. Sudan


  1. The CN Tower consists of several substructures. The main portion of the Tower is a hollow concrete hexagonal pillar containing the elevators, stairwells, and power and plumbing connections. On top of this is a 102 meters metal broadcast antenna, carrying TV and radio signals.

A. Opinion                                      B. Fact and Fantasy

C. Fantasy                                      D. Fact


  1. Leena went slowly up to the door, and (knocked).

Identify the part of speech of the word in bracket.

A. Pronoun        B. Verb               C. Noun              D. Adjective


  1. The show finished ______ 6:30 p.m.

A. in                    B. to                    C. on                   D. at


  1. Identify the simple subject.

The children finished all the candies.

A. finished         B. candies           C. children        D. all


  1. Anurag is ____ than Aashish.

A. tall                  B. taller              C. more tall       D. tallest


  1. "My boat is _____ than my friends boat."

A. smaller                                      B. more small

C. most small                                D. smallest


  1. _____ Mr. Jain going to be there when we get there?

A. Are                 B. Am                 C. were               D. Is


  1. Last winter, the city _____ the biggest snowfall.

A. had                 B. is                     C. was                 D. have


  1. Jay took him up in his arms and carried him to Mr. Hasan.

Find the verb/s in the following sentence.

A. carried, arms                           B. carried, him

C. took, carried                             D. took, Jimmy


Answer Key:

(1)-C; (2)-D; (3)-B; (4)-D; (5)-C; (6)-B; (7)-A; (8)-D; (9)-A; (10)-C