Vocabulary Worksheet-12

Vocabulary Worksheet-12


  1. The Latin root "mob" means to move. What does the word mobile mean?

A. to show displeasure                B. a small or exact copy of a thing

C. easily moved; movable           D. something to be imitated


  1. We made a_____ stop when the deer ran in the road.

A. sudden          B. sudan             C. sudden          D. None of these


  1. We found many treasures in the_____ upstairs.

A. atic                 B. attic                C. attic                D. None of these


  1. I put my head on the_____ when I went to sleep.

A. pillo                B. pillow            C. pillow            D. None of these


  1. She had a pretty purple_____ in her hair today.

A. ribbin            B. ribbon           C. ribbon           D. None of these


  1. Please put the_____ of cookies on the table.

A. platter           B. plater             C. platear           D. None of these


  1. We are_____ to listen to our teachers.

A. supposed      B. supposed      C. supost            D. None of these


  1. It is not_____ to find a golden coin.

A. common       B. comeon         C. common       D. None of these


  1. The bridge did not_____ the car's weight.

A. support         B. sapport          C. support         D. None of these


  1. If we cut the horizontal pieces of a cylinder we will get shapes like ;

A. square           B. circle              C. rhombus       D. sphere


Answer Key:

  1. C

  2. A

  3. C

  4. C

  5. B

  6. A

  7. B

  8. A

  9. C

  10. B