English & Logics Worksheet-9

English & Logics Worksheet-9


  1. When you need ___count, it is not okay to estimate.

A. an accurate  B. an accurate  C. a gigantic      D. a truthful


  1. Aruna was excited to begin her new job, and we were impressed by how ___ she was.

A. entertained   B. eager              C. experienced D. essential


  1. The actor always wore a mask and ___ his face, so it was exciting to see what he looked like when he finally ____himself.

A. decorated … cleansed             B. covered … concealed

C. covered … concealed              D. hid … revealed


  1. The novel’s ___was shocking, since I never thought it would end with a major twist.

A. Beginning     B. conclusion    C. Impression   D. section


  1. Before I knew the rules, the game seemed ______, but now it seems so ___.

A. straightforward … easy          B. complex … bizarre

C. fun … thrilling                          D. complicated … simple


  1. In order to ___her weight, Amiya decided to go on a diet.

A. reduce           B. expand          C. release           D. extend


  1. In order to ___the project, we need to finish all of the tasks it includes.

A. complete       B. delay              C. prevent          D. assist


  1. The coach just wanted Sarita to ____ the new technique, so she was upset when Sarita refused to _____ it.

A. explain … learn                        B. perform … enjoy

C. try … attempt                           D. examine … understand


  1. Unlike hippos, which I find ugly, flaming goes are ______.

A. Interesting    B. graceful         C. awful             D. Attractive


  1. Anu and Manu ______ to read comic books.

A. Wants            B. want               C. Doesn’t like  D. Don’t wants


Answer Key:

(1)-A; (2)-B; (3)-D; (4)-B; (5)-D; (6)-A; (7)-A; (8)-C; (9)-D; (10)-B