Phrasal verbs Worksheet-2

Phrasal verbs Worksheet-2


Fill in the blank with the correct phrasal verb:

  1. When everyone came unexpectedly, I hurriedly _____ a few snacks.

A. Put up                                        B. Put together

C. Put forth                                    D. Put in


  1. By saving one learns to _____ something for times of need.

A. Put off           B. Put by            C. Put into         D. Put forth


  1. Sunil’s parents are abroad. He has been _____ by his grandparents.

A. Brought down                          B. Brought in

C. Brought up                                D. Brought to


  1. Come on, _____ quickly. We have to attend a party.

A. Dress down  B. Dress in         C. Dress up       D. Dress out


  1. The bomb ______ in the small village, but everyone is safe.

A. Blue up          B. Blew up         C. Blew in          D. Blue up


  1. The lock is twisted, thieves have _____ the door.

A. Broken shut                              B. Broken open

C. Broken up                                 D. Broken out


  1. When he heard the sad news, he ______ completely.

A. Broke out                                   B. Broke down

C. Broke in                                     D. Broke through


  1. Have you ______ the solution to the problem?

A. Figured in                                 B. Figured down

C. Figured out                               D. Figured up


  1. Do Sunil and Anil _____ well?

A. Get along      B. Get up            C. Get down      D. Get in


  1. The new medicine has helped me to _______ easily.

A. Pull up                                       B. Pull out

C. Pull through                             D. Pull with


Answer Key:

  1. B

Explanation: Put together = make from available things


  1. B

Explanation: Put by = save, lay aside for future use


  1. C

Explanation: Brought up = raised and educated, taken care of


  1. C

Explanation: Dress up = wear good/new/special clothes


  1. B

Explanation: Blew up = exploded


  1. B

Explanation: Broken open = opened by force


  1. B

Explanation: Broke down = collapsed, felt very sad


  1. C

Explanation: Figured out = worked out, understood, found


  1. A

Explanation: Get along = enjoy a good relationship


  1. C

Explanation: Pull through = recover (here – from an illness)