English Olympiad Grade 3 Homophones Worksheet-1

Homophones Worksheet-1

  1. The cars are built entirely of _____.

A. Stele               B. Steel               C. Steal               D. Stiel


  1. I _____ finish this work if I get time.

A. Would             B. Wood             C. Wold              D. Woud


  1. He _____ me a few pictures last week.

A. cent                B. scent              C. sense              D. sent

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  1. Bantu paid Rs. 80 for the bus _____.

A. fair                 B. far                  C. fare                D. feir


  1. I want to _____ a doctor when I grow up.

A. bee                 B. by                   C. bie                  D. Be


  1. Did he ____ you this watch?

A. bye                 B. buy                 C. bi                   D. bee


  1. I ____ who took my pencil.

A. no                   B. now                C. know              D. new


  1. I asked him not to ____ my little sister.

A. tees                 B. tease              C. teas                D. T's


  1. I ____ this for my sister.

A. maid               B. mad               C. made              D. none of these


  1. They ____ the match.

A. one                 B. won                C. on                   D. none of these


Answer Keys

1. B; 2. A; 3. D; 4. C; 5. D; 6. B; 7. C; 8. B; 9. C; 10. B