Cucumber Raita

 Cucumber Raita



Serves: 3

Fresh curd…………..………....500 gms

mint leavesDry mint leaves…………….….…2 tsp

cumin powderRoasted cumin powder…...1/2 tsp


Black saltBlack salt………….…..1/4 tsp

Coriander leavesCoriander leaves ………20 gms

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Prep: 2 mins | Cook:  5 mins |Extra time: 1 min, soaking

1.  Peel, wash and thickly grate the cucumber.

2.  Whisk the curd till it is smooth.

3.  Mix the grated cucumber and curd and leave it to soak for 1 min.

4.  Add dry mint leaves, black salt and roasted cumin powder to the soaked mixture, and refrigeratetill use.

5.  Serve garnished with coriander leaves.


Refer the given recipe to answer the following questions:

(1)   Which vegetable is used in this raita?

         (A) Carrot            (B) Radish            (C) Cucumber      (D) Onion


(2)  The quantity of this raita will serve how many people?

         (A) 4                     (B) 5                     (C) 3                      (D) 6


(3)  How many ingredients are used to prepare this raita?

         (A) Five                (B) Four               (C) Three              (D) Six


(4)  Which of these is not an ingredient to of this raita?

         (A) Black salt                                    (B) Roasted cumin powder

         (C) Chilli powder                              (D) Dry mint leaves


(5)  In which step is coriander leaves used?

         (A) 1st step           (B) 5th step          (C) 3rd step          (D) 2nd step


(6)  How much total time it takes to make this raita?

         (A) 8 mins            (B) 5 mins            (C) 2 mins            (D) 7 mins


(7)  For how long we need to soak grated cucumber in the curd?

         (A) 5 mins            (B) 2 mins            (C) 1 min             (D) 8 mins


(8)  In what form is cucumber used in this raita?

         (A) Chopped                                     (B) Mashed         

         (C) 1 /2 inch pieces                         (D) Grated


(9)  Which ingredient is used for garnishing?

         (A) Roasted cumin powder             (B) Coriander leaves

         (C) Dry mint leaves                         (D) Black salt


(10) How is raita served?

         (A) Cool               (B) Hot                 (C) Normal          (D) Frozen


Answer Keys

1. (C); 2. (C); 3. (D); 4. (C); 5. (B); 6. (A); 7. (C); 8. (D); 9. (B); 10. (A)