English Olympiad Grammar Worksheet-76

The Complete Course of Grammar Worksheet-76


  1. The forest _____ we hiked through was inhabited by many endangered species.

A. which             B. who                C. whom            D. whose


  1. The cast did not have many ______ before the opening night of the play.

A. performances                          B. trials

C. auditions                                   D. rehearsals


  1. The residents of the apartment block ran very fast out of their homes when they smelled the smoke. Choose the correct alternative word for underlined phrase.

A. splurted                                     B. accelerated

C. flaunted                                     D. darted


  1. This fairy tale has been rewritten many times. Which _____ do you prefer?

A. type                B. account         C. version          D. description


  1. No one ______ the new teacher yet.

A. sees                B. saw                 C. has seen        D. have seen


  1. We shall go for a picnic if the weather _____ good.

A. is                     B. was                 C. has been        D. had been


  1. Before the show started, the crew _____ the stage.

A. set up             B. sets up           C. had set up     D. have set up


  1. ______ we explore the old castle in the countryside?" the children asked their parents.

A. Can                B. May


  1. Anu went to the Canada last year, _______?

A. did she           B. didn't she      C. hadn't she     D. had she


  1. Azad is a/an_______ salesman because he has been working in the same industry for the past ten years.

A. qualified                                    B. top-notch

C. experienced                              D. amateur


  1. If you want people to be ____ to your product you have to make it look interesting.

A. enticed          B. attracted       C. engaged        D. repelled


Answer Key:

(1)-A; (2)-D; (3)-D; (4)-C; (5)-C; (6)-A; (7)-C; (8)-B; (9)-B; (10)-C; (11)-B