Vocabulary Worksheet-9

Vocabulary Worksheet-9


  1. Smita recommends Choice Restaurant. This means that she

A. works there.

B. owns the restaurant.

C. has never been Choice Restaurant

D. says Choice Restaurant is a good place to eat.


  1. Hail is

A. light snow     B. frozen rain    C. heavy rain     D. light rain


  1. Please choose the_____ answer in the test.

A. correct           B. correct           C. correct           D. None of these


  1. The____ jumped into the hole.

A. rabit               B. rabbit            C. robbit            D. None of these


  1. If something is TREMENDOUS, it is

A. Tiny                B. Small             C. Large             D. Very Large


  1. If you are an IMMIGRANT, you have...

A. Moved across the street         B. Moved to a new house

C. Moved to another country     D. Moved to another state


  1. Amar has a complete set of Harry Potter books. He has

A. some of the Harry Potter books.

B. more than half of the Harry Potter books.

C. all of the Harry Potter books.

D. very few of the Harry Potter books.


  1. Dr. Sharma recommends plenty of exercise. This means that he

A. doesn't like to exercise

B. exercises all the time.

C. suggests that people should exercise regularly.

D. does not want people to exercise at all.


  1. If someone says, 'Please don't utter a word,' what should you do?

A. do not write anything down

B. do not say what you think

C. do not say anything at all

D. do not send any e-mail messages


  1. To master an art is to

A. teach others how to do it.      B. become skilled at it.

C. struggle to learn it.                  D. admire artists' work.


  1. The work place of an engineer is;

A. hospital         B. bank               C. workshop      D. school


  1. I could tell the milk was_____ because it had chunks in it and it smelled bad.

A. delectable     B. savory            C. spoiled           D. scrumptious


Answer Key:

  1. D

  2. B

  3. C

  4. B

  5. D

  6. C

  7. C

  8. C

  9. C

  10. B

  11. C

  12. C