2nd grade english olympiad Noun worksheets

This workbook contains worksheets on English - Noun for Grade 2 Olympiad students. There are 3 worksheets with 60+ questions.
Pattern of questions : Multiple Choice Questions…

English - Noun Worksheet-1

Choose the correct proper noun for the underlined common noun:

  1. The circus is coming to our city in June.

       A. English          B. Bird                C. Mumbai        D. Language


  1. The ship was 882 feet long and as high as an eleven-story building.

       A. Student                                      B. Titanic          

       C. Times of India                          D. Boat

  1. Mr. Modi won the state by 2 lakh votes.

       A. Herd              B. Sun                 C. Office             D. Gujrat


  1. A man gave me directions to the City Hall.

       A. Ram               B. Baroda          C. Cattle             D. Building


  1. I will travel to Florida next month.

       A. City                B. June               C. Room             D. Hot


  1. She can speak the language very well.

       A. Star                B. Company      C. Apple             D. Spanish


  1. My parents bought a car last month.

       A. April              B. Bus                 C. Honda City   D. Governor


  1. Tarun asked his brother to clean his room.

       A. Varun                                         B. Cat                

       C. Library                                       D. George Town Museum


  1. The children are playing outside.

       A. March and April                      B. Aashi, Khushi & Aarini

       C. Movie                                         D. Hidden Valley Park


  1. We drove through the bridge during our trip to Mt. Abu.

       A. Pencil                                         B. Samman      

       C. Gandhi Bridge                          D. Monday


Find the CORRECT plurals for each of the following irregular nouns:

  1. Calf

       A. calfs               B. calves             C. calf's              D. calfes


  1. Knife

       A. knifes             B. knifs               C. knives            D. knifies


  1. Woman

       A. women          B. womans        C. wemen          D. womens


  1. Fly

       A. flys                 B. flyess              C. fliess              D. flies


  1. Fish

       A. fishes             B. fishs               C. fish                 D. fishies


  1. Foot

       A. foots               B. feets               C. feetes             D. feet


  1. Tooth

       A. tooths            B. teeth               C. toothess         D. teeths


  1. Mouse

       A. mice               B. mice’s            C. mices             D. micess


  1. Goose

       A. gooses            B. goosies          C. geeses            D. geese


  1. Ox

       A. ox                   B. oxies              C. oxen               D. oxes



(1)–C; (2)–B; (3)–D; (4)–A; (5)–B; (6)–D; (7)–C; (8)–A; (9)–B; (10)–C; (11)–B; (12)–C; (13)–A; (14)–D; (15)–A; (16)–D; (17)–B; (18)–A; (19)–D; (20)–C


English - Noun Worksheet-2

Find the noun(s) in the following sentences:

  1. The cat with big claws, jumped from the wagon.

       A. jumped, wagon, big                B. wagon, big, claws

       C. cat, jumped, with                    D. cat, claws, wagon


  1. I bought a new book at the Suresh Bookstore in Agra.

       A. Agra                                 

       B. Suresh Bookstore, book

       C. book, Suresh Bookstore, Agra

       D. book


  1. Julie went with her mother to Iscon Mega Mall on Friday.

       A. Julie, mother, Iscon Mega Mall, Friday

       B. Friday, with, went

       C. Julie, Iscon Mega Mall, Friday

       D. Julie, Friday, went


  1. Anuj invited all his friends & classmates to his party.

       A. Anuj, friends, classmates, party

       B. invited, classmates, party, all

       C. Anuj, friends, classmates,

       D. Anuj, friends, classmates, party, his, all


  1. Sonu was the youngest of Raman's four sons.

       A. was, the                                    B. Sonu, Raman, sons

       C. four, sons, Sonu                       D. Raman, four, of


  1. Maria told that Sunny was playing behind the Aravali Hill.

       A. told, playing                              B. told, Sunny, Maria

       C. Maria, Sunny, Aravali Hill      D. Maria, behind, that


  1. The watch dad gave Manish for her birthday is on the table.

       A. Manish, table, gave

       B. watch, dad, Manish, birthday, table

       C. her, gave, for, dad, on, table

       D. watch, dad, Manish


  1. The post office is located at Dariapur.

       A. Dariapur                                   B. located

       C. is, post office                            D. post office, Dariapur


  1. There were three notes and ten coins in his pocket.

       A. there, coins, his                        B. notes, coins, pocket, his

       C. notes, coins                               D. notes, coins, pocket


  1. In July, our class is going to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

       A. Great Smoky Mountains National Park, going

       B. class, Great Smoky Mountains National Park

       C. July, class, going, to, our

       D. July, class, Great Smoky Mountains National Park


  1. Jack bought a bag of cookies for my dog.

       A. bought, Jack                           B. Jack, my, bought

       C. Jack, bag, cookies, dog          D. bought, for, my


  1. We visited the Eiffel Tower.

       A. Eiffel Tower                            B. We

       C. visited, Eiffel Tower              D. we, the, visited


  1. Pinky's watch is on the table.

       A. Pinky, table, is                       B. table, the, is

       C. Pinky, on, the, is                    D. Pinky’s, watch, table


  1. Mr. Patel moved to Surat with his daughter.

       A. Mr. Patel, moved, Surat, daughter

       B. Mr. Patel, Surat, daughter

       C. daughter, moved, with, Mr. Patel

       D. to, his, with


  1. I love my house because it is close to the CN Tower.

       A. CN Tower, because                 B. close, house, my

       C. it, the, to, I                                D. house, CN Tower


  1. My dentist gave me a toothbrush.

       A. my, me                                     B. dentist, me

       C. dentist, toothbrush                 D. gave


  1. Akshay saw a snake behind the bushes.

       A. Akshay, snake, bushes          B. Akshay, snake,

       C. snake, bushes, behind            D. behind, saw


  1. The necklace Meena gave Tina for her birthday is in the closet.

       A. necklace, Meena, Tina, gave

       B. necklace, Meena, gave, her

       C. gave, is, in, Emma, closet     

       D. necklace, Meena, Tina, birthday, closet


  1. Jupiter is the fifth planet from the Sun.

       A. Jupiter                                     B. is, planet, Sun

       C. from, is, planet                        D. Jupiter, planet, Sun


  1. Red kangaroos hop along on their powerful hind legs.

       A. legs, hop, red                          B. kangaroos, legs

       C. red, powerful, kangaroos      D. kangaroos, along, hind



(1)–D; (2)–C; (3)–A; (4)–A; (5)–B; (6)–C; (7)–B; (8)–D; (9)–D; (10)–D; (11)–C; (12)–A; (13)–D; (14)–B; (15)–D; (16)–C; (17)–A; (18)–D; (19)–D; (20)–B


English - Noun Worksheet-3

  1. A ________ is the name of a particular person, place or thing.

       A. common noun                          B. proper noun

       C. collective noun                         D. verb


  1. _______ are the names of things in general.

       A. Proper nouns                            B. Collective nouns

       C. Adjectives                                  D. Common nouns


  1. A _______ is the name given to a group of things

       A. proper noun                             B. common noun

       C. collective noun                         D. verb


  1. Which is a proper noun?

       A. Country         B. City                C. Japan            D. House


  1. Which is a common noun?

       A. Bell Road      B. China             C. Arizona         D. Street


  1. Which is a collective noun?

       A. Animal          B. Sad                 C. Herd              D. Chair


  1. Which is a proper noun?

       A. Mumbai                                    B. Ravina          

       C. Gujarat University                  D. all of these


  1. Which is a common noun?

       A. The Taj Mahal                          B. Daisy

       C. Table                                          D. Tuesday


  1. Which is a collective noun?

       A. Pizza Hut      B. team              C. before            D. Star Mall


  1. Which is a proper noun?

       A. Agra               B. Brother         C. Room             D. Book


  1. All the _______ had red bows on them.

       A. dress              B. dresses          C. dressies         D. dress's


  1. I bought six __________.

       A. glasses           B. glass               C. glassies          D. glass's


  1. The ________ were fighting over a kite.

       A. boies              B. boy's              C. boyies            D. boys


  1. He filled both his _______ with marbles.

       A. pocketies       B. pocket's         C. pockets          D. pocketess


  1. I helped my sister clean the _________.

       A. dishs              B. dishies           C. dishes            D. dishes


  1. The book has a collection of ten short ___________.

       A. storys             B. storyes           C. stories            D. stories


  1. There were few __________ for the winners.

       A. prizies            B. prizes             C. prizs               D. prizes


  1. Amit saw two ___________in his backyard.

       A. snake             B. snaks             C. snakes           D. snakies


  1. Ravi packed the oranges into three big _________.

       A. boxes             B. boxs               C. boxies            D. boxes


  1. The chairs and _________ were arranged in four rows.

       A. tabless           B. tablies            C. tables             D. tables


Tell whether the underline noun is singular or plural.

  1. The dog is running fast. Singular/ Plural


  1. They gave her a nice gift. Singular/ Plural


  1. Four of the plates are round. Singular/ Plural


  1. My sister is sweet. Singular/ Plural


  1. Answer the telephone, please. Singular/ Plural


  1. My crayons are broken. Singular/ Plural


  1. Have you seen my story books? Singular/ Plural


  1. That map is old. Singular/ Plural


  1. The store will open tomorrow. Singular/ Plural


  1. Have you seen my toys? Singular/ Plural



(1)–B; (2)–D; (3)–C; (4)–C; (5)–D; (6)–C; (7)–D; (8)–C; (9)–B; (10)–A; (11)–B; (12)–A; (13)–D; (14)–C; (15)–C; (16)–D; (17)–B; (18)–C; (19)–A; (20)–D; (21)–Singular; (22)–Singular; (23)–Plural; (24)–Singular; (25)–Singular; (26)–Plural; (27)–Plural; (28)–Singular; (29)–Singular; (30)–Plural