Tense mixed review Worksheet-57

Tense mixed review Worksheet-57


  1. They ____the test.  Now they must wait for their scores.

A. Have taken   B. took                C. take                D. Are taking


  1. I ____dinner already. I am not hungry.

A. Have eaten   B. ate                  C. Didn’t eat      D. eat


  1. All of the children ____their teeth. Now it's time for bed.

A. brushed                                     B. Have brushed

C. brush                                          D. Are brushing


  1. Arjun ____his work.  He is ready to take a break.

A. Has finished                             B. finished

C. Is finishing                                D. finishes


  1. Mini ____golf before.

A. Has never played                     B. Have never played

C. plays                                           D. Is playing


  1. I ____this movie before.  I don't want to watch it again.

A. Have seen                                  B. Haven’t seen

C. see                                               D. saw


  1. I ____my clothes. Now I can put them on.

A. Have washed                            B. washed

C. Didn’t washed                          D. Didn’t wash


  1. You ____this exercise.  Hooray!

A. Have completed                       B. completed

C. Are completed                          D. complete


  1. Mr. and Mrs. Arya ____overseas. They like staying closer to home.

A.  never traveled                         B. Did not travel

C. Not traveled                              D. Never travel


  1. Professor Alna ____his biology class twice each semester.  Occasionally, though, he gives three tests.

A. Usually tests                              B. Usually test

C. Has test                                      D. Takes test


  1. Tim and Jim ____banjos at the festival. We hope they will be able to play there this year.

A. Sometimes play                       B. Sometimes plays

C. Sometimes playing                  D. Are sometimes playing


  1. In the aftermath of last week’s hurricane, the volunteers ____long hours.  Many are exhausted, but refuse to quit.

A. Have worked                            B. worked

C. work                                            D. working


  1. The teacher ____a party for her students because she feels that they have worked very hard and deserve to celebrate.

A. Has already planned              B. already planned

C. Did already planned               D. plans


  1. The florist ____the flowers for the wedding. Now that he is finished, the caterers are bringing in food for the reception.

A. Has quickly arranged             B. quickly arranged

C. arranged                                    D. arrange


  1. Mr. and Mrs. Verma ____home to Shanghai since they moved to New York City.  They like living near their daughter’s family in New York, but miss their old friends back home.

A. Frequently traveled                B. Frequently travel

C. Have frequently traveled       D. travelled


  1. Ashvi ____Prem since he was a little boy.  She has lived next door to his family for many years.

A. Has been knowing                   B. Is knowing

C. knows                                         D. knew


  1. After eight hours, Anup and Ramya ____in California. They drove there today from New Mexico, and want to go to San Diego tomorrow.

A. Have arrived                             B. arrived

C. Were arrived                             D. arrive


  1. Natasha ____in Norway for twenty-two years.  She enjoys living there. She doesn’t mind the cold winters, but she especially likes to spend summer vacations at the North Sea.

A. Has been living                        B. Has been leaving

C. Is living                                      D. lives


  1. Arini ____a gymnast for eight years.  She ____six bones since she began practicing gymnastics.  She likes to get her friends to sign her casts.

A. Has been, has broken             B. Is, has broken

C. Is, breaks                                   D. Has been, broke


  1. ____to Africa before?  I ____it is beautiful there.  I would like to go on a safari in Kenya.

A. Have you been, have heard   B. Did you go, heard

C. Have you go, have heard        D. Have you been, hear


Answer Key:

(61)-A; (62)-A; (63)-B; (64)-A; (65)-A; (66)-A; (67)-A; (68)-A; (69)-D; (70)-A; (71)-A; (72)-A; (73)-A; (74)-A; (75)-B; (76)-A; (77)-B; (78)-A; (79)-A; (80)-A