Vocabulary Worksheet-11

Vocabulary Worksheet-11


  1. Skill or ability to do special work

A. miner                                         B. tailor

C. craftsmanship                          D. merchant


  1. Person who sells things to make money

A. merchant      B. tailor              C. miner             D. craftsmanship


  1. Slightly wet or moist

A. dull                 B. ginger root   C. underworld  D. damp


  1. To begin to grow

A. shiver             B. wither            C. sprout            D. shrivel up


  1. Piece of clothing

A. tailor              B. garment        C. small              D. blanket


  1. Not shiny is

A. gloomy          B. damp             C. dull                 D. smooth


  1. Sickness or disease that affects most of the people in a place.

A. epidemic       B. debt                C. wither            D. garment


  1. A tower is:

A. A big building

B. the underground home for the dead

C. person who makes and mends clothes for money

D. tall and narrow structure or building


  1. To wither means to:

A. become dry

B. not shiny

C. to become and smaller in size dry

D. owe money to another person


  1. Sarcasm is

A. a cutting often ironic remark

B. a word that connects words, phrases, or clauses

C. a word used to modify a verb

D. a word that is used to substitute for a noun


Answer Key:

  1. C

  2. A

  3. D

  4. C

  5. B

  6. C

  7. A

  8. D

  9. C

  10. A