Vocabulary Worksheet-15

Vocabulary Worksheet-15


  1. My favorite "genre" to read is science fiction. Genre means:

A. general items                            B. type of giraffe

C. a type or category                    D. large book


  1. There is great disparity between rich and poor.

What is the meaning of the word disparity?

A. sameness      B. oneness         C. difference     D. openness


  1. After the virus attacked, the computer was "kaput". The word kaput means:

A. finished, broken                       B. fixed, repaired

C. confused                                    D. not functioning


  1. Fact means...

A. idea or thought that is imagined or unreal

B. proof in support of a claim or statement

C. idea or thought that is true

D. not likely; hard to accept as true


  1. Decision means...

A. to research or investigation into a claim

B. proof in support of a claim or statement

C. to support or show to be correct

D. The act of reaching a conclusion or making up one's mind.


  1. Determine means...

A. find out what is true; reach a conclusion

B. establish the truth of

C. choice; result of judging

D. real; genuine


  1. Jaya used a little "espionage" to find out what Prem was up to after school. Espionage means:

A. gossiping                                   B. phone calls

C. giving secrets                            D. spying


  1. The people on shore waved and yelled "ahoy" to the passing ship. The word ahoy means:

A. stop                B. hello               C. help                D. hungry


  1. To support or show to be correct

A. Fact                B. Confirm        C. Investigate    D. Decision


  1. You say it is a real story, but I am sure it is fictitious.

Define fictitious.

A. funny             B. made up        C. true                D. gripping


Answer Key:

  1. C

  2. C

  3. D

  4. C

  5. D

  6. A

  7. D

  8. B

  9. B

  10. B