Vocabulary Worksheet-1

Vocabulary Worksheet-1


  1. I thought I would never be able to do it. But I'm_____, I never give up.

A. furious           B. stubborn       C. bewildered   D. none of these


  1. Anusha and I were feeling_____ so she asked me to play a game.

A. restless          B. extreme         C. furious           D. none of these


  1. I became a_____ member of ‘Sanjeevanam’ Gym.

A. stubborn       B. permanent   C. craggy            D. none of these


  1. Some painters create amazing pictures. These pictures are_____.

A. restless          B. incredible     C. suspicious     D. none of these


  1. It really makes me _____ when I see somebody not working properly.

A. restless          B. furious           C. extreme         D. none of these


  1. The hill was so _____that I slipped and broke my ankle.

A. craggy           B. permanent   C. restless          D. none of these


  1. I am feeling thirsty, what should I do ?

A. drink water  B. eat apple       C. sleep              D. none of these


  1. I am _____ to get a good grade in my test.

A. lucky              B. fortunate       C. glad                D. happy


  1. A synonym for POINTLESS is

A. meaningless                              B. safe

C. toxi                                              D. sensible


  1. What is a synonym for EXTRAORDINARY?

A. toxic               B. exceptional   C. missionary   D. pointless


Answer Key:

  1. B

  2. A

  3. B

  4. B

  5. B

  6. A

  7. A

  8. B

  9. A

  10. B