Vocabulary Worksheet-27

Vocabulary Worksheet-27


  1. escort

A. peaceful relations; friendship

B. lacking moral sensibility

C. a number; a sum

D. a person or group of people who travel with someone to protect, guide, or guard that person, or to show respect


  1. A ______ is a drawing of an area.

A. globe              B. map               C. picture           D. statue


  1. spice

A. extremely clean

B. slip

C. a flavoring for foods, such as pepper, cinnamon, or clove

D. out of shape


  1. consorted

A. very bossy

B. mixed with, worked or planned things together

C. untidy

D. stand against, avoid temptation


  1. migratory

A. moving from place to place

B. in great quantity

C. to do with touch

D. useful article made by people


  1. corpulent

A. fat, overweight

B. corrupt

C. extremely clean

D. a device for special use in a home, eg. fridge, toaster, etc


  1. dense

A. stupid            B. awkward       C. confidential  D. beverages


  1. sinister

A. evil, seeming to threaten bad luck

B. forgiveness

C. shiny

D. thief


  1. exquisite

A. something awkward               B. filled with fear or horror

C. embarrassing                           D. very beautiful, something delicate


  1. siblings

A. brothers and sisters                B. twins

C. cousins                                       D. family members


Answer Key:

  1. D

  2. B

  3. C

  4. B

  5. A

  6. A

  7. A

  8. A

  9. D

  10. A