English 'n' logic worksheet-1

Think ! Think ! Think !

grade 3 english olympiad



  1. The ______ man paid for my ticket.

(a) Simple         (b) angry            (c) kind              (d) funny


  1. After Jay washed his car, it looked very______.

(a) dirty             (b) sweet           (c) old                 (d) clean


  1. I am ____ because I did well on my math test.

(a) upset            (b) rough           (c) happy           (d) sad

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  1. The ____shirt is too ______.

(a) big … crazy                              (b) large … big

(c) heavy … small                         (d) wet … rainy


  1. The library is a good place to ______because it is very ______.

(a) study … quiet                          (b) eat … hungry

(c) learn … intelligent                  (d) read … open


  1. I cannot sleep because my neighborhood is very ______.

(a) happy           (b) average        (c) fun                 (d) noisy


  1. I always arrive to class twenty minutes ______ so that I have time to prepare.

(a) late                (b) early             (c) young            (d) old


  1. The air is very ______, and there is ______ ice on the road.

(a) warm … a large amount of

(b) cool … many

(c) cold … a lot of

(d) hot … much


  1. Turtles and snails do not move quickly. They are both ____ animals.

(a) quick            (b) slow              (c) dangerous    (d) strange


  1. Pavan and Bhuvan are ____. They have the same mother.

(a) women         (b) friends         (c) students       (d) brothers


Answer Keys:

(1) C; (2) D; (3) C; (4) B; (5) A; (6) D; (7) B; (8) C; (9) B; (10) D