English 'n' logic worksheet-3


  1. Purple and red are ____.

(a) numbers      (b) colors           (c) Streets          (d) men


  1. Five and seventy are ________.

(a) numbers      (b) songs            (c) signs             (d) letters


  1. Apples and bananas are ____.

(a) Countries    (b) Sports          (c) Languages   (d) fruits

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  1. Carrots and peas are ____.

(a) Sports          (b) Vegetables  (c) meats           (d) colors


  1. Milk and water are ______.

(a) foods            (b) drinks          (c) languages    (d) cities


  1. Men and women are ____.

(a) children       (b) adults           (c) languages    (d) foods


  1. Boys and girls are ______.

(a) children       (b) vegetables   (c) numbers      (d) women


  1. English and Japanese are ______.

(a) cities             (b) streets          (c) languages    (d) places


  1. Tokyo, London and Berlin are ____.

(a) numbers      (b) cities             (c) languages    (d) colors


  1. Dogs and cats are ______.

(a) Streets          (b) Children      (c) numbers      (d) pets


Answer Keys:

(21) B; (22) A; (23) D; (24) B; (25) B; (26) B; (27) A; (28) C; (29) B; (30) D