The Biggest Defect

The Biggest Defect


A king had made a splendid and strong palace. All praised of its marvellous structure. Once, a saint also came to that palace. The King treated the holly saint well. He showed him the whole palace. But the saint did not say anything about it. The King wished to hear the praise of his palace. So he talked about it. But the saint made no remark. At last the King said, “You made no comment on the palace. Something wrong?”

The saint replied, “It is beautiful and built to last forever. It is a permanent beauty. But the people who live in it are mortals. Nothing is permanent about them. That’s why I was silent.”

The Gist

          Man is born with empty hands and so does he die. The King’s palace was no doubt splendid, but the King himself was an ordinary mortal human. Even the King’s powers could not change the fact.

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Refer the above story to answer the following questions:

  1. What did the King make?

(A) Strong Palace                             (B) Splendid garden

(C) Strong army                               (D) Splendid kingdom


  1. All praised the King’s palace because of its marvellous _____________.

(A) garden           (B) paintings        (C) structure        (D) carvings


  1. How did the King treat the holy saint?

(A) Rudely           (B) Proudly         (C) Arrogantly     (D) Nicely


  1. What did the saint say about the palace?

(A) Excellent        (B) O. k.               (C) Nothing         (D) Not good


  1. What did the King wish to hear from the saint?

(A) King’s fortune                            (B) King’s praise

(C) Palace’s fortune                         (D) Palace’s praise


  1. According to saint whose beauty is permanent?

(A) King                (B) Queen            (C) Palace            (D) None of these


  1. Man dies with ___________ hands.

(A) empty            (B) loaded            (C) powerful        (D) pale


  1. The King was ___________ human.

(A) bad                 (B) mortal            (C) immortal       (D) impatient


  1. “It is beautiful and built to last forever.” What does this line refer to?

(A) Kingdom        (B) Garden           (C) Palace            (D) None of these


  1. “But the people who live in it are mortals.” Who said this line?

(A) Saint              (B) King                (C) People            (D) None of these


Answer key
(1) (A); (2) (C); (3) (D); (4) (C); (5) (D); (6) (C); (7) (A); (8) (B); (9) (C); (10) (A)