Environmental Science Worksheet-10

Environmental Science Worksheet-10


  1. Which of the following instrument is used to measure air pressure of the atmosphere?

A. Calorimeter                              B. Thermometer

C. Rain gauge                                D. Barometer


  1. What causes seasons to change?

A. Earth's revolution around the Sun.+

B. Tilting of the Earth.

C. Tilting of the Earth and its rotation on its axis.

D. Tilting of the Earth and its revolution around the Sun.


  1. The rate at which water can pass through soil particles is called _____.

A. Liquidity of soil                        B. Flow rate

C. Permeability of soil                 D. Softness of soil


  1. What instrument is used to feel the movements of earthquake?

A. Ismographs                              B. Seismometer

C. Quakegraph                             D. Seismographs


  1. Which of the following is not an energy source for heating?

A. Oil                                              B. Natural gas

C. Coal                                            D. Water


  1. The space between soil particles is called _____.

A. Particle size                              B. Empty space

C. Pore space                                D. Permeable space


  1. What is the deep water current?

A. A current in which water flows on the surface

B. A current in which water flows more than 650 feet deep

C. A storm in which water flows deep

D. Water waves on the ocean floor


  1. What are the collections of tiny droplets of condensed water in the atmosphere?

A. Snow                                         B. Clouds

C. Cloudosphere                           D. Rain


  1. In which direction does the wind blow?

A. From low humidity area to high humidity area.

B. From high humidity area to low humidity area.

C. From low air pressure area to high air pressure area.

D. From high air pressure area to low air pressure area.


  1. How do scientists use collected data to predict future weather?

A. By asking older people          

B. By asking experienced people

C. Using forecasting model and magic

D. Using forecasting model and computers


Answer Key:

1.-(b); 2.-(c); 3.-(c); 4.-(c); 5.-(b); 6.-(b); 7.-(c); 8.-(c); 9.-(c); 10.-(b)