Science olympiad grade -3-Test-5

science worksheets for kids


  1. Which would cause liquid water to change to a solid?

(A) warming     (B) heating        (C) freezing       (D) dripping


  1. Soil is formed when _____ are broken down by weather, water and living things over long periods of time.

(A) Animals      (B) Rocks           (C) Houses

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  1. How are liquids and solids different?

(A) A liquid doesn't change shape, but solids do.

(B) Solid's don't have volume, but liquids do.

(C) A liquid takes the shape of its container. Solids don't change shape.

(D) Solids fill the space they are put in. Liquids only take the shape of the container they are put in.


  1. Which one would you use a thermometer to measure?

(A) the length of a piece of rope

(B) the mass of a rock

(C) how much time it takes for water to boil

(D) the temperature of water in a pond


Answer Keys

(17)–C; (18)–B; (19)–C; (20)–D