Synthetic/Man-made Fabrics

•    Synthetic fibres are used for making synthetic fabrics, which are chemically made in factories.

•    They are much cheaper than natural fabrics.

     For example:

     Nylon, rayon, terylene, polyester, etc.

•    Synthetic fibres are strong, of uniform thickness and very smooth.

•    Synthetic fabrics do not have much space between their fibres and therefore do not allow air to pass through them easily.

•    They are non-biodegradable.


Blended Fabrics

•    The yarn of these fabrics is made by using both natural as well as synthetic fibres.

•    These are made from both terylene (synthetic) as well as cotton (natural).

•   Adding synthetic fibres to natural fibres increases the strength of fabric, makes it durable and easy to maintain because, synthetic fibre is the strongest, followed by mixed, followed by natural fibre.


Finishing of Fabrics

•   The fabric is further bleached or dyed.

•   ‘Finishing’ is done to make it suitable for household use.