Safety and First Aid Worksheet-4

Safety and First Aid Worksheet-4


Multiple Choice Questions (with more than one option):

  1. We should not play with:

A.                               B.

C.                            D.



  1. Mark the things that can be used to put off the fire caused due to electrical fault.

(A) Water                                       (B) Sand

(C) Kerosene                                 (D) Fire extinguisher

(E) Cloth


  1. True/False

a.      One should move ahead when the traffic signal is red.

b.      We should keep the floor dry to reduce the risk of accidents.

c.      We should not obey the traffic rules.

d.      One should wait for his/her turn on swings.

e.      Underwater swimming is an unsafe practice for children.

f.       In case of severe burns, we should visit the dentist immediately.

g.      Insects bite can cause rabies.

h.      Pulling or pushing each other into the swimming pool will harm us.

i.       We should not run in a class room.

j.       We should never keep a doormat outside the bathroom to reduce the risk of accidents.


Fill in the blanks:

  1. The signs on the road for safety are known as _____ signs.          


Answer Key:

(10)  (A,C,D)

(11)   (B,D)

(12)  a.-False; b.-True; c.-False; d.-True; e.-True; f.-False; g.-False; h.-True; i.-True; j.-False

(13)  traffic/road