Food Health and Hygiene Worksheet-1

Food Health and Hygiene Worksheet-1


  1. Select the incorrect statement from the following.

(a) Cooking makes food free of germs

(b) Raw vegetables are rich in roughage

(c) Children need more food as they grow very fast

(d) Over-eating makes the body more strong to fight with disease.


  1. Over-nutrition is a form of main nutrition in which nutrients are over supplied relative to the amounts required for normal growth, development and metabolism. Over-nutrition leads to 

(a) Deficiency disease

(b) Obesity

(c) Thin and weak body

(d) All of these


  1. Vitamin B group deficiency in the human diet causes

(a) Pernicious anaemia, beri-beri, pellagra

(b) Rickets, pellagra, beri-beri

(c) Night blindness, scurvy, beri – beri

(d) Beri – beri, scurvy, pellagra


  1. Landfill is an area where the garbage collected from a city or town is

(a) Dumped

(b) Recycled

(c) Burned

(d) Both  Recycled & Burned


  1. What can we do to minimize over-usage of plastics and deal with garbage?

(a) We should carry a plastic bag when we go out for shopping

(b) We should burn plastic bags and other plastic items

(c) We can use vermicomposting at home to deal with our kitchen waste

(d) We should use only single side of the paper to write.


  1. Which of the following is a symptom of vitamin D deficiency?

(a) Poor vision

(b) Weak muscles and very little energy to work

(c) Bleeding gums

(d) Bones become soft and bent


  1. From the following select the option which does not represent correctly the edible part of the given plant.

Plant        – Edible part

(a) Carrot        – Root

(b) Onion        – Leaves

(c) Ginger       – Stem

(d) Turmeric   – Root


  1. Cinchona, isabgol, neem, Rauwolfia are

(a) Oil yielding plants

(b) Medicinal plants

(c) Fibre yielding plants

(d) Food plants


  1. Which of the following statements is incorrect?

(a) Rotten garbage can be used as manure for plants

(b) Materials made up of glass take thousand of years to decompose

(c) We should put garbage in plastic bags and throw it away

(d) Burning of plastic leads to cancer


Answer Key:

(1)–(d); (2)–(b); (3)–(a); (4)–(a); (5)–(c); (6)–(d); (7)–(c); (8)–(b); (9)–(c)